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UN Women in STEM Feature

I am honored to be included in this UN feature recognizing some fantastic Caribbean women in STEM. There is so much hope within the Caribbean!

What inspired your interest in animation and design?

I am interested in Software Engineering and Documentary Film making. I've loved computers and cameras since prep school where I first started challenging my computing teacher to teach the topic before I could learn it. It really stems from a curiosity for life, an eagerness to learn and a love for strategizing and problem solving.

What is the greatest challenge for women in your profession?

I believe the greatest challenge for women in my profession is the absence of role models. It can be easy to assume that you shouldn't be in a room that you don't typically see yourself in. I also believe that we are sometimes inadvertently assumed to not be as competent as our male counterparts. Women must work twice as hard to show their competence in my field.

What needs to change to better support and empower women and girls pursuing careers in ICT and STEAM?

We need more mentors for our young women in STEAM. Mentorship has been a huge part of my journey. I also believe that this goes hand in hand with a need for more stories of women scientists to be shared. This can show our young women that they too can be just as successful as the women who have gone before them.

What is your advice to young women and girls who want to pursue a career path in your industry?

Get started! It doesn't matter how small a first step you take. Each step you take towards learning STEAM is important. I also believe that fundamentally as young people we need to believe in ourselves more and uplift our fellow young women regardless of their passions. Each one, helps one. I encourage each of you to shine a positive light on the communities you exist within - become a beacon of hope and light

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