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Danielle Mullings - TECH PASSION

Knowing how much I used to doubt myself growing up, it brought tears to my eyes to read this article. The growth is tangible 🥺. I feel so honored to be featured by the Jamaica Technology And Digital Alliance . in today’s The Jamaica Observer newspaper! 🙏

“Driven by her innate love for science and technology, @damullings recounts fond memories of teaching herself how to use platforms like Microsoft to challenge the limits of what was already familiar to her. Danielle believes strongly in the power of tech and innovation in edifying society and identifies this as a critical driving force for her passion for tech.

Marrying her love for technology and the arts, Mullings is a The University of the West Indies Open Scholar studying for a BSc in software engineering with a minor in film studies. Her dynamism currently finds her as the UWI Mona Guild President, youth leader, television host/producer and partnership and campaign officer for Transform Health.”

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