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Sectional Prize Winner - EU Short Film Competition 2019!

On Jan 15, 2020, I was awarded the Sectional Prize for Best in Storytelling in the EU Short Film Competition 2019 for a documentary entitled “Protecting Port Royal’s Mangroves”. I won an IPad Pro which I can’t wait to fully utilize to continue my journey in film. A huge thank you and big uppp to the European Union in Jamaica for giving us young creatives a chance to grow and shine while using our talents for the greater good of the environment.

During her speech, The Honourable Minister Olivia Babsy-Grange said “Today it’s the EU Film Festival and tomorrow it’s Sundance Film Festival, Cannes....”. I found this particularly fitting because I will be going off to the Sundance Film Festival to intern, next week. It seems each step we take (no matter how small) is a leap towards our bigger destiny. Keep shining my fellow young people. The world is our oyster!

Clips from news:

Four other participants received sectional awards: Danielle Mullings, of the University of the West Indies, Mona, won Best Storytelling and an iPad Pro for the documentary “Port Royal's Mangroves”

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