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4th Biennial National Children's Summit & 30th Anniversary of the UN Convention

Youth empowerment/advocacy is very dear to my heart. Last week The Child Protection and Family Services Agency, USAID and @UnicefJamaica put on the 4th biennial National Children's Summit to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Over 1200 hashtag#children attended!

In keeping with the theme "Empowering Children, Uplifting Jamaica", I represented @ureportjamaica, sharing our hashtag#unique platform for engaging and amplifying the hashtag#youth voice in local issues! U-Report embodies what Jamaica's Minister of Education, Hon. Minister Karl Samuda said to me - "the first thing we must do is increase the self esteem of our children."

I vividly remember one young man smiling brightly when the introductory message came up on his phone "Wah gwaan". Essentially, the key to unlocking youth potential is to empower young people to believe that their perspectives and opinions matter in the first place. Sign up for U-Report today! And feel free to hashtag#message me if you ever need a youth hashtag#advocate!

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