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36 People to Watch in 2021

I’m proud to announce I’ve been selected as one of the 36 People to Watch in 2021 by @digital.jamaica . It’s an honor to be selected for my work in Technology, thank you!

Mostly known for its culture and as a travel mecca, tech is not an industry traditionally associated with Jamaica. However, if you should pay closer attention you’ll notice a strong and youthful contingent of tech professionals cropping up and showing out like our #djptw2021 tech nominee:

Danielle Mullings – Software Engineering Student

@damullings is a multi-dimensional youth leader with interests including technology, leadership and the arts. She currently serves as the Young Expert: Tech for Health (Region of the Americas) and the Co-chair of the Resource & Investment circle, Transform Health.

She is also the President of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of the West Indies. Danielle aspires to become a world leader in technological representation for the Caribbean and Latin America. Lastly, she has a natural affinity for leadership and youth empowerment and thus serves on youth councils,representing the voice of young people in technology, education and national issues.

DJPTW 2021 is proudly sponsored by @g5cybersecurity

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