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The digital way.

This is me

I am a multidimensional graduate of the Faculty of Science and Technology with interests including technology, leadership, and the arts.  Every activity that I engage, is with the goal of empowering communities as I aspire to become a world leader in technological representation for the Caribbean and Latin America, focusing on enhancing the Caribbean’s pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I serve on youth councils both locally and internationally, addressing issues from advocacy to ethical tech. Lastly, I am passionate about social change and cultural retention through documentary making. 

Digital Health

Software  Engineering
Documentary Making 

Youth   Advocate

Public Speaking 

Travel Blogging

I advise youth councils
and media companies

I engage in three main areas:

  • Software Development: I am a lover of programming and almost anything tech related. More importantly, I believe in technology's power to positively influence and edify society and would ultimately like to work in areas with civic applications of technology. 

  • Documentary Making: I believe the arts are a gate way to cultural retention and expression - a cornerstone of regional identity. My goal is to advance the Caribbean's capacity to accurately represent its own stories.

  • Youth Empowerment: Our young people are often the most vulnerable demographic. I aim to edify our youth's self esteem and their capacity to positively engage with society. I serve on a variety of youth councils, both locally and internationally relating to a variety of target areas such as amplifying the youth voice in national issues, universal health coverage and tech literacy.


Internships &


I have worked with an extensive number of organizations and councils in Jamaica. Here are a few local organizations I have worked with or represented.

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Recent Blog Posts

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