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To start using Zoom
Start by making sure you have good internet or cell signal, in a quiet place free from distractions. (If your bandwidth is low, trying turning off your video.)

Download the Zoom software at

Go to and check your internet connection, audio, and video. (If the audio isn’t working, make sure your computer volume is turned up and your microphone is on.)

Go to your course’s Canvas site. (For a quick refresher on Canvas, see this video overview.) 

Click on the Zoom link in the left navigation of your course.

Close tabs and applications you won’t need.

Turn your camera on (if needed).

Mute your mic (bottom left corner).


Other Zoom notes
Zoom has several tools that your instructor might use. These include the ability to Raise Hand, Chat, and Breakout Rooms. Get familiar with them.
If Zoom freezes on you, give it a couple of seconds to reconnect.
Reach out by Chat to see if it’s a temporary glitch.
If you don’t hear or see anything, exit the meeting and try to re-connect.
If it's slow or choppy, try turning off your camera (click "Start Video" in the bottom left corner until it's crossed out).
See Get Help for further assistance.

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